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Aslons is an apparel manufacturing and exporting company based in Pakistan.

We are contemporary. We are dynamic and we
guarantee to bring the same brilliance to your brand.
Aslons thrives on innovation. Our youthfulness fosters
new ideas. Our persistence gets work done.

Give Aslons a try. Request your sample now.
Make your own judgement.



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Your sample is sitting perfectly in our carefully
crafted custom box , waiting for your call.
The sample's quality and fine detail is sure
to serve as a benchmark for future,
lucrative business between us.


Communication is paramount to any deal. Good news is,
we are excellent at that. Our hassle-free sourcing methods
will take your production worries away. With Aslons
as your supplier and partner you can focus 
on your brand and take it to new heights.




George, Australia

"Great quality. Great people!"

Christian, Denmark

"Thoroughly professional, excellent communicators"

Agha, Canada

These guys know what
they are doing. Highly

Detailed references can be provided on request!

the team

Salman A Aziz

Muhammad Aslam Aziz

Mauz Aslam

F . Robert


Billy Noma

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